Happy Man
October 7, 2019
Truly works

I friend told me about this product and I absolutely Love it.... I used to keep air freshener in my bathrooms.. With this I don't need it... Really is just a little before you go.. Amazing what ideas people come up with!

Kerry Langer
October 4, 2019
Great Product! Will buy again!
Variety (3-Pack)

I really like the Lavender fragrance! It also looks nice sitting on the back of our toilet. It doesn’t look like a cleaning product or like an air freshener. Big bonus is I like how it fits in my purse and is rather inconspicuous compared to other similar products. But, the thing I like most is I am not being exposed to breathing in a spray which can be harmful to the lungs. I will buy again.

Adoboloco Maui Hawaii
June 29, 2019
It works!
Eucalyptus Breeze

No need for chemical sprays... B4 is the way to go B4 you go.


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